Winter skin care

Winter skin care

Beauty is power, the most important of all. Every girl wants her beauty to spread all over. Girls are most beauty conscious; I think it’s right to care for yourself. In winters most of the women’s suffer from dullness and dryness of their skin. Our skin becomes dry day by day and our face start getting dull. These things happen with me too in winters, the glow of my skin lessen daily. So we must put on winter skin care routine for dry skin. So for getting my and your skin glow back, here are some of the skincare tips for you¬

Winter skin care
winter skin care routine for dry skin

Home remedies for winter skin care

• Dryness of our skin makes us feel bad and scratchy. So without using so many creams home remedies are best for your skin. The first is glycerin+ rose water. To use glycerin on your body directly makes your skin oily. So we should take half amount of rose water and should mix it in ¼ part of glycerin. This mixture will make you feel fresh and dryness free for whole day. You can use it twice a day as body lotion.

• The next is milk. Milk is very popular for skincare. You can use the raw milk on your face and body with the help of cotton. Don’t wash it till 10 minutes. You can also pour a small amount of turmeric because turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components which can provide you a natural glowing skin. Milk also reduces the dry skin and dark circles under our eyes. My granny also tried this and it really works you will have a good change in your skin within three weeks.

• More than thousands of women’s have Aloe Vera at their homes, so let’s make some value from it. What you have to do is take one small stem or take half stem of it and now gross the paste out and use it on your body as moisturizer. The paste you took the first while can be used for three days also, use once a day at any time. If you have dryer skin, you should make a face mask like layer of Aloe Vera at night and should sleep with it. Now at morning remove it, your skin will become soft by regular use.

• Coconut oil is the best choice for reducing dryness in winters. Before sleeping we can apply coconut oil regularly on our dry skin, it will make our skin soften. It is better than using moisturizers daily. And as soon as you woke up you will feel your skin unstiffen.

Beauty is a mirror of your attitude, if you will not care then you will not treated.


How can one naturally skin care in winters with Creams and moisturizer?

Every woman wants her skin glowing everyday but for that she has to work hard. Oh my god! Why to work hard, for me its quiet easy. For glowing skin we all use creams but sometimes we don’t have any idea that what to use? Using one cream whole year is not good. We should change our creams in every season. As now winter arrived it’s the time to choose the right winter skin care routine for dry skin. Let’s begin from start of the day, after a warm bath we can routine a good cold cream. For dryness, you can favor a body moisturizer that suits you. Body moisturizer can be used at morning after bath and at night before sleeping.

Everyone likes to take a seat in sun during winters, but what about our skin. Sun rays are very harmful for your skin in winters too, might be you have to suffer from sunburn. You should always use sunscreen before going out. It will help your skin to fight the harmful sun rays. You should use the best sunscreen conferring to your skin.

Night routine for winter skin care

Night time is rest time. Night time is when we relax our skin for better tomorrow. The night routine which I am going to share is for making your skin glowing in winters and for healing your skin at night so it can light tomorrow. After your dinner, your eyes should be open for 2 hours. To utilize these hours let’s use it for our skin. Night is the best time to heal your skin. So firstly you should apply coconut oil to your skin for removing makeup. Coconut oil is the best to remove all the dirty particles of your skin and the makeup because coconut oil helps to retain skin moisture.

After applying oil, for freshness apply wipes on your face. Now you can go with your favorite face wash but if you have more time then apply face pack. Wash it and after few seconds apply toner on your skin because toner has the property to make the appearance for pores less. If don’t want to go with toner then go with apple cider vinegar. Take a one –four teaspoon apple cider and mix a small amount of water. This will shrink your large pores and will provide you freshness. Now arriving at the most important part of night routine, none other than night cream. For choosing best night cream you must go with the anti-aging feature and it should be suitable for every skin. Apply the suitable night cream on your face.

Next step is to apply eye cream. For reducing dark circles under our eyes and as an eye cream I use almond oil. Almond oil can reduce dark circles because it has antioxidants properties. It also covers vitamin k and vitamin e, this helps to get smooth skin. Take a small amount of it and with the help of ring finger massage under your eyes. After applying so many ingredients this almond oil really work to reduce dark circles. The next step is to apply a lip balm on your lips. You can also apply ghee on lips because ghee is also good moisturizing agent. Now take a deep breath and sleep!!!! Get a glowing on the next day.


This article gives you the knowledge to care about winter skin care. This article provide you the home remedies which are completely safe for your skin and also gives you the knowledge of creams and moisturizer in winters. It also gives the information of night routine for winters.