Two braids – 10+ two braids

Hey girls! just go now and try the two braids which suits you!!

Two braids- the word itself remind us our school days. Two braids protects are hairs and scalp. Plaits are also said to keep our ancestors alive (only few people believe this).Nowadays two plaits are again in the trend with upgraded style. Every woman wants her hairstyle to be trending and stylish among all. For this she does many researches. Changing your hairstyle is very important for your hairs and also a new hairstyle is a new way to look at the world.

Are you still thinking or going with the common and boring two plaits? Better you not. The time has changed, culture has changed, the whole fashion history has changed and you are still there? Changing your hairstyle provides you a new look and another face of your personality. So, going with the trend and stylish hairstyles here are the two braids hairstyles

Cute fishtail two braids

two braids
cute two fishtail braids

WOW! I think your expressions were also saying the word ‘wow’. I have fallen in love with these two plaits hairstyle as they are super stylish, trending and cute. It will also look amazing if you style it as one braid or small fishtail braid in open hairs. Quite pulling the plaits will provide you a cute and loose hairstyle.

Firstly divide your hairs neatly into two parts.
Now on one side, start making French plaits as shown in the picture.
Do the same process on other side.
Pull your hairs from side to complete the whole look. Your cute fishtail two plaits are ready.

Cornrows and Dutch two braids hairstyle


These styles will surely look amazing on the girl with long hairs. Try to build cornrows as they will give you bold, trendy, cool and unique look. We can also add accessories with these types of hairstyles. You can also create another hairstyle with cornrows but do you know how to make them? A tutorial of how to make cornrows-

a tutorial of making cornrows

Protective style two braids

protective braids
protective two braids

Woman’s always wants there hairs to protected. These protective two braids hairstyle are stylish and protective too. This hairstyle looks trendy and simple. This hair style fits the short and medium hair girls.] Our hairs should also be protected from damage. Damaging hair and pollution can cause hair loss. So read my article for treating teenage hair loss.

Pull through plaits

pull through
pull through braids

Do you want to do a photo shoot with plaits then these pull through two plaits are perfect. This hairstyle looks quite different and pretty. But is it hard to make? No, it’s quite easy. If you don’t trust me then look at the tutorial below.

making pull through braids

Big braids with hair cuffs

hair cuffs
braids with hair cuffs

OH! Big plaits with hair cuffs, that’s cool. You can create a new hairstyle by making cornrows and can go with hair cuffs on it. By seeing the picture hair cuffs are perfectly completing the look. These types of looks are accessorized looks. Your two braids hairstyle with hair cuffs will make you look fab.

Stylish French braids

french braids
stylish french braids

French plaits are rising day by day and are really trending. But this French braid looks different. These two braids are very stylish and cute. This stylish hairstyle will be attracting many eyes.

Firstly start making French braid and tie it with a rubber.
Cover the rubber as shown in the picture.
Now again start making French plaits.

Dutch braids

two braids
dutch braids

That’s the most trending hairstyle nowadays. This hairstyle is best for casual events, gym and on adventures. If you are planning for a trip this hairstyle is as stronger and it will also help you in your photo-shoot. Now try the Dutch braid tutorial for rocking.

Loose double braids

loose braids
loose double braids

This is the most stylish and classy two plaits. These plaits will look awesome in college events or a party. This hairstyle will look amazing frock, shorts and skirts. This hairstyle is also very easy to make and I don’t think any tutorial is needed for it. Its looseness will make you shine.

Workout braids

Woman’s need many hairstyles for different occasions. At workout we need our hairstyle to stay strong, simple and unique. So let’s try two braids for our workout.

workout braids

The first workout braid shown, looks perfect for me. As it’s not coming down then head and it also looks stronger. This hairstyle will surely not interrupt you.

workout two braids
workout hairstyle for long hairs

Oh! This hairstyle seems to be quite different two plaits for long hairs. Try to make this hairstyle as stronger.

boxer braids
boxer braids

This hairstyle is said to be boxer plaits. The word itself is relating to sport. This hairstyle will give you bold, stylish and strong lady look.

Space buns

space buns
space buns

Are you irritated with your long hairs? You also tried plaits but they disturbs you, then try these space buns. These space buns are stylish and strong. These space buns can help you a lot at gym and for a cute photo shoot. Try to make these amazing space buns hairstyle.

Quick and easy plaits

easy two braids
easy two braids

These two plaits are very easy to make and will look amazing on short hair girls. This hairstyle will provide you a cute and sweet look. This is the best two braids which reminds me my school days. I really don’t like two plaits at my school days, but today I just love them.

Adding color and glitter

coloured hair
coloured two braids

As for making our hairs more stylish and attractive we added hair cuffs. We can also color our hairs. Coloring our hairs will attract them among many people. You can use temporary hair coloring products or sprays.

glitter on two braids

Glitter- The meaning of glitter is a shimmering and bright reflected light. We use glitter for art work to make it more attractive. So for making our hairs attractive and shiny we can also use glitter. Nowadays glitter is trending.


This article is dedicated to all the pretty women’s who loves two braids hairstyle. This article will help you to choose the best braid which suits you. These all plaits are trending and will also make you the trendiest girl.