Teenage Hair Loss- Causes and Treatment

Be ready for getting rid from teenage hair loss!!

You can do and control everything if you will work quite hard. If you can take care of the persons who doesn’t likes you, then why not for your hairs. Taking care of your hair is very important because it’s the crown you will never take off. Teenage hair loss is a common thing from which everyone suffers. The common names of hair loss are baldness and alopecia.

At what age hair loss begin?

Hair loss usually starts after the end of teenage but at present time, teenage hair loss is very common nowadays. People lose 80 to 100 head hairs daily. It’s not a deal to worry because these can again grow on same follicle on your head. It’s time to worry if you lose more than the appropriate amount of head hairs. At this time you should deal with a doctor or should do some practices. After dealing with the dermatologists once you will know your hair loss cause, you can easily treat it.

teenage hair loss
hair loss

What causes hair loss? Hair loss in teenagers-

Nutrition– Mainly hair loss can occur in teenagers due to nutritional diet deficiency, iron deficiency, vitamin b12 deficiency, vitamin b3 deficiency, minerals, protein. These are the basics which cause teenage hair loss.

Food habits, proper nutrition’s deficiency and foods irregularity are the main part of teenage hair loss. So, other than that let’s see some more causes of hair loss in teenagers.

stressed boy
stressed boy

Stress– Stress causes excessive hair loss. It is a feeling of mental, physical and emotional tension. Stress always makes persons die but if today you will refuse or control it you can live your life as you want. Stress is also harmful for your skin too, read this article to clear your doubt that is stress harmful for skin?

Medical conditions– Endocrine conditions like thyroid and diabetes can result in hair loss. In females the disease like PCOD means polycystic ovarian disease and other hormonal disease can also cause hair loss. People with eating disorder also suffer from hair loss.

Hair growth cycle– Disruption in hair growth cycle can cause hair loss. Suffering from high fever or illness, having a surgery, producing a baby and from distressing event can temporally cause large amount of hair loss. You should always keep your teenage hair growth cycle well. Invest in your hairs and don’t let your teenage smile fade.


Heredity– As the passing of mental or physical issues from generation to generation is called heredity. Your hair loss might be a heredity which can come from you father, mother, grandmother and other family members from whom you are not close.

alopecia areata
alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata– Alopecia is said to be a condition which cause hair loss. This condition starts hair loss in circular patches. The main cause of this condition is hair loss. This condition arrives when the immune system attacks hair follicles. In this case, hairs can again grow.

Trichotillomania– TTM means Trichotillomania is known as disorder of hair pulling. Characterization of long term urge is mental disorder which can pull your hair. It results in a large amount of hair loss which is clearly visible. TTM can also result in permanent hair loss.

How to stop hair loss in teenage guys?

We care for our families and also want the care in return. It’s similar to your hair, if you will invest in it and it will provide you the return gift. Don’t worry! Don’t worry!!! Are you quiet worried after reading the hair loss cause?

Nothing is impossible for hard workers, may it take some times but I am 100% sure it will work. So for stopping your hair loss, here are some tips and tricks which really work on how to stop hair loss in teenage guys?

teenage hair loss
discussion with doctor

Discussing with your doctor– Discussing with someone about your problem makes you relax. In the case of teenage hair loss, it’s very important to talk with dermatologists. As hair loss can be caused by illness and conditions, your doctor can define your problem and can advise you to treat hair loss.

Hair loss in young age can cause itching, redness and pain that’s why it’s very necessary to deal with the doctor immediately.

Your dermatologists will be asking you many questions, so be prepared well. Don’t be scared always tell him the accurate information about your hair loss, scalp, when it started? Is it heredity, illness and so many confusing questions? Be prepared for answering the correctly on teenage hair loss.

Tell him to give you a proper medication to deal with the hair loss problem.

healthy diet

Proper healthy diet– Healthy diet can result in strong and shiny hairs. As proper diet is essential for our body and skin, it’s also necessary for your hairs. If you will be not having a proper diet you might see some effects on your hairs. Hair loss is a harmful effect in it. So here are some of the food items you should contain in your diet for stopping hair loss in teenage guys.

Omega 3 fatty acid which is found in flaxseed and fatty fish provides shiny strong hairs.

Protein which is very essential for cell growth also heals your hairs. You can contain fish, yogurt, meat, beans etc. in your diet as these are sources of protein.

Both iron and zinc are beneficial for the growth of hair follicles.

Other than these eggs, oats, carrots, walnuts and prunes are beneficial to stop teenage hair loss.

Eating extremely junk food, oily food and fast food is not good for your hairs.

teenage hair loss
heating tools can cause hair loss

Say No to heating tools– The maximum use of heating tools like straighteners, curling wand and hair dryer can cause breakage and automatically hair fall. Its regular use can make your hairs dry. It is said that too much heat can make your hairs weak.

physical exercise
physical exercise

Doing physical exercise– As Physical exercises are very important for our health, it’s also good for our hairs. Regular exercise for 30 minutes may prevent hair loss as it progresses blood flow to your scalp. Exercise will reduce your stress level and teenage hair loss as it will keep your hormonal levels in the body balanced.

Massaging well– Proper massage on your scalp is very beneficial for hair growth. Massage the scalp with essential oils. Massaging your scalp will improve the blood circulation from which your hair fall will be reduced. It will also improve the hair follicle.

Hair washing routine– For preventing hair loss you should regularly wash your hairs with gentle conditioner and shampoo. You might be thinking washing your hairs regularly will result in great amount of hair loss.

This time you are wrong. The fact is hair follicle role can be blocked by dirt and oil. Regular washing your hairs will improve it and if it was leading to teenage hair loss it will recover soon.

teenage hair loss
hair washing

Massage on your scalp well while applying shampoo. Shampoo will improve the strands of hairs.
Conditioner is important after shampoo as proper conditioning can hydrate and improve your hairs.
Always look at the labels of shampoos and other hair products to see are they safer for your hair.

If you have a chemically hair colour and it’s resulting in damaging your hair use 2 in 1 shampoo.

You can discuss with your hair stylish or dermatologists about the brand of shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair.

Short tips for teenage hair loss-
Avoid alcohol as it reduces hair growth.

Hair loss can start by side effects of medicines, so your medicines should be prescribed by doctor.

Don’t take stress.

Drink plenty of water as hair roots need water.

Change your food, eat healthy food and avoid junk food.


The teenage hair loss article will help all the teenagers to fight with hair loss. Here are the causes of hair loss which will help you to define your problem. Get the knowledge to treat this.