Skincare for different skin types

Have natural skin with skincare for different skin types
skincare for different skin types

Be nicer to your skin because you have to carry it for the whole life. The word skincare takes a very important part in every woman’s life. This word refers to the practices that every woman does for a beautiful skin. To take care of your skin is very important whether your skin is brown, fair, black, light or dark. There are many glitches that a woman has to face for her skin. Everyone have different skin types and so to take complete care of your skin, here are some solutions and advice to bring natural glow on your skin. So let’s go to read skincare for different skin types.

skincare for different skin types
skincare for different skin types

How should we care for our skin?

Everyone wants their skin to be soft, natural, healthy and glowing. That seems to be a big deal. No, I don’t think it is. If you will take care of your skin well, you will also have a beautiful skin. Women’s have dry skin and oily skin too. But if she will not take care of it, may it make her skin bad. We should always look our skin type and then should decide what practices we have to do. Let’s see what’s your skin type.

Skincare for different skin types

Dry skin

Dry skin is caused by environmental conditions because it takes away the skin moisture. Brassy soaps, arid climate and hot bath can also cause dryness. Dry skin makes you feel uncomfortable and itchy for whole day. For getting rid from dry skin here are few tips that can be done in your busy schedule also-
1) Take only 5 to 10 minutes bath because over water can cause some serious skin consequences. And if you have dry skin don’t ever take hot showers more than 5 to 10 minutes because the hot water can damage your skin.
2) Dry skin women’s should use gentle cleansers.
3) After bath routine body moisturizer and hand cream immediately.
4) Also apply skincare routine for dry skin. Especially in winters because everyone’s skin gets dry daily so please go with winter skincare routine.

What is Oily skin?

The appearance of oily skin is similar to oil. It seems that you have applied a lot of oil on your skin or glycerin. It’s so necessary to take care of oily skin because if you will not care then your pores can become large. Here are few points to cure oily skin-
1) You should wash your face every morning and evening because washing the face removes excess oil and dirt.
2) Use face wash which are prepared for oily skin.
3) Never ever use alcohol based cleansers for oily skin because some times its effects can make your skin harsh and so dry.
4) Don’t prefer oil free and water proof makeup products.

skincare for different skin types
skincare for different skin types

Combination skin type

As we get some idea from the word itself combination. This type of skin is a combination of both dry and oily. This skin doesn’t need much care. This skin can go with normal skincare routines.

Sensitive skin care tips

The word itself derives that skin might be sensible. Yes, in skincare for different skin types this type of skin is very sensitive; Microorganisms and dust particles can easily enter inside. This skin also suffers from itching, rashes and hot temperature. So taking its care here are some points to be applied-
1) As sensitive skin cannot manage more heat he or she should wear easy going clothes means which are not delicate.
2) Also be careful while choosing products for sensitive skin. Avoid products that contain high level colors, synthetic fragrance and alcohol based items.
3) Try to use honey products because they can nourish your skin and are naturally antibacterial.

skincare for different skin types
skincare for different skin types


This article can be said as the home page of my skincare. The article here shows is of skincare for different skin types. There are four types of skin which are dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. This whole article gives the knowledge about types of skin and few tips to improve it.