Long hairstyles for girls- 12+ hairstyles and their steps

long hairstyles for girls

You cared a lot for your hairs to let them grow fast, strong and shiny. Than why are you thinking to cut your hairs? Whenever this thought comes in your mind just remind your practices for them. Long hairstyles for girls attract everyone’s eyes but it’s quite difficult to make them. Cutting them is not a solution.

The key is to go with easy long hairstyles for girls. We all get bored with the same hairstyle daily. Having a new hairstyle means attempting something new. Hairstyles are very important as they define your personality. Long hair girls have very difficulties in making hairstyle. As having long hairs, they always go with one hairstyle but changing hairstyle also changes your look. So, scroll the page and find the best long hairstyle which suits you.

Long hairstyles for girls

1. Rose braid for long hairstyles for girls

rose braid
Rose braid

We all love flowers but have different choices in it. Rose is one of the prettiest flowers everyone likes. Rose in your hairs look beautiful but it fades very fast. Imagine if rose always be in your hairs. It is possible by making rose braid. Without wasting time let’s begin.

long hairstyles for girls tutorials
rose braid tutorial

Step1- Collect your hairs from starting and make small puff as shown in 1st and 2nd picture.
Step 2- Now start making braid from one side, tie it with rubber. Again do the same process from other side.
Step 3- Take one braid and set it in a round, secure it with bob pin. You will be seeing a small rose.
Step 4- Now take the other braid and make a circle around the small rose. Secure it with bob pins.
Step 5- Use hair spray to let it set. Your rose braid for long hairstyles for girls is ready.

2. Crown braid

The crown braid is quiet similar to teara. This hairstyle is best for casual look and it’s cute too.

crown braid
crown braid

Step 1- Start making braid from one side as shown in the 2nd to 4th pictures.
Step 2- Secure it with bob pins. Do the same process from other side.
Step 3- Tie both of them together as shown in 8th and 9th pictures.
Step 4- Secure them with the bob pins.

3. Easy messy bun for long hairstyles for girls

This messy bun is the easiest and cute long hairstyles for girls. Bun is a hairstyle in which hair is pulled back from the face and is wrapped in as a circular coil. Genuinely saying I am bored with the simple bun. I want stylish hairstyle do you? If yes than let’s try making easy messy bun-

messy bun
messsy bun

Step 1- Firstly make a loose high ponytail.
Step 2- Start spreading your ponytail into all the sides.
Step 3- Collect all the hairs and tie it with a rubber band.
Step 4- Now secure the bun with bob pins.
Step 5- To nail the messy bun use shampoo before making it also use hair spray after making this long hairstyle for girls.

4. Half Dutch fishtail braid

Dutch fishtail braid
half fishtail braid

This hairstyle is uncommon and everyone wants their style to be different. This hairstyle should be made on straight long hairs. It’s also very easy.

long hairstyles for girls
Dutch fishtail braid tutorial

Step 1- Gather your hairs together from up and tie it with a rubber band.
Step 2- Start making Dutch fishtail braids.
Step 3- Don’t go ahead, just tie it with a band when it’s half completed.

5. Lace braid bun

 lace updo
lace braid updo

Wow how pretty this hairstyle is! This hairstyle is perfect for weddings and occasions. As compared to other buns, this lace braid bun is so stylish. The two braids coming from side is very creative. The two braids coming from side will also look perfect in open hairs.

A tutorial below for making lace braid bun-

lace braid home coming updo

6. Flip twist ponytail

flip twist ponytail
flip twist ponytail

Oh my god! I have fallen in love with this ponytail. I also used to make simple ponytail but after seeing this, I am definitely going to try it.

stylish ponytail
Flip twist ponytail

Step 1- Divide your hairs into two parts.
Step 2- Take small part of your hairs and twist them at one side.
Step 3- Do the same process on other side and tie it with a rubber band.
Step 4- Now take small parts of your hairs and cover them around the twisted area.
Step 5- Do the same process 4th to 6th times.
Step 6- Now tie it with a rubber band and cover the band with your hairs.

7. Stylish bun for long hairstyles for girls

This bun will definitely change the mindset of the girls who don’t like buns. This bun is pretty, amazing and stylish too.

stylish bun
stylish bun

Step 1- Start making braid from one side as shown in the pictures from 1st to 4th. Tie it with a band.
Step 2- Now tie the remaining hairs of one side with rubber band.
Step 3- Set a big rubber band.
Step 4- Now twist the remaining hairs and make a bun as shown in the 8th picture.

8. Hair bow hairstyle

long hairstyles for girls
hair bow

Wow! This hairstyle is best for the girls who love bows. Even I really like it as it gives a decent and stylish look. I can’t wait to try it.

hair bow tutorial
hair bow tutorial

Step 1- Divide your hairs into 3 parts.
Step 2- Take hairs from both sides together and lock them as shown in the pictures.
Step 3- Twist it inward.
Step 4- Fold the rolled hair under the bow formed hair.
Step 5- Fold the hair ends under the under the bow.
Step 6- At last secures your hairstyle with bobby pins.

9. Half top bun

This is easiest long hairstyles for girls. It’s also common and trending nowadays. It is best for a casual college or school look. It’s a quick and easy hairstyle.

half top bun
half top bun tutorial

Step 1- Make small butterfly pony up.
Step 2- Twist the pony.
Step 3- Make a small bun, use bobby pins for safety.

10. Space buns for long hairstyles for girls

cute space buns
space buns

Space buns are very protective. This hairstyle is perfect for gym, as it’s strong. It’s good for long hair girls as their hairs are secured. So let’s try it.

space buns
space buns tutorial

Step 1- Divide your hairs into 2 .
Step 2- Tie your hairs from up as shown in the 4th picture.
Step 3- Now at the other side, start Dutch braiding from down. Do the same at other side.
Step 4- Tie from the rubber. Your hairstyle will appear in two ponies.
Step 5- Twist and round the ponies as shown in the 10th and 11th picture.
Step 6- Your space buns are ready.

11 . Pull through braid

pull through braid
pull through braid

I love making braids as it protects are hairs and scalp. For the pretty girls who love making braids here’s an article on two braids. For long hair girls now we are trying pull through braids. These braids looks quiet tough but it’s not. You only need 5 to 8 rubber bands or more then, it’s according to your hairs.

pull through braid tutorial

12. French braid for long hairstyles for girls

french braid
french braid

This French braid is a type of braided hairstyles which is also called French plait. This French plait is trending nowadays. This hairstyle looks strong and can be very beneficial at gyms. This French plait is stylish and will look amazing on long hair girls. Start making this hairstyle with it’s French braid tutorial.

13. Half- up side braid for long hairstyles for girls

long hairstyles for girls
half upside braid

It seems to be a party hairstyle for me. Exactly this hairstyle is perfect for every look. This hairstyle is quite different as only one side is braided.

half upside braid tutorial
half up side braid

Step 1- Divide your hairs into two parts.
Step 2- Take small amount of hairs from one side and start braiding.
Step 3- Secure it with a pin or rubber ban as shown in the pictures.

14. Messy side braid

This messy side braid is quiet easy and cute, also very trending nowadays.

messy side braid
messy side braid

Step 1- Firstly, Divide your hairs in 2 parts.
Step 2- Take one side and start French braiding.
Step 3- Protect it with rubber band and go for a stylish photo shoot.

15. Stylish chignon

Genuinely saying I have never seen this hairstyle. This hairstyle is very different and stylish. This is the best hairstyle for wedding. It will perfectly suit the girls wearing gowns.

stylish bun
stylish chignon

Step 1- Divide your hairs in four parts as shown in the picture.
Step 2- Make two braids and spread them as shown in pictures.
Step 3- Start making round of one braid in a flower shape.
Step 4- Do the same process from other braids as shown in the pictures.

How to grow your hair faster?

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First is combing. when we start combing are hairs it reflects in hair fall.

You should contain plenty of protein in your diet.

Should go with beneficial oils.

Avoid heating tools.

Go with the best home remedies.

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Women’s love to make hairstyle. Long hairs girls are very confused in making hairstyle and so they always go with one boring hairstyle. This article is on long hairstyles for girls which will solve your all confusion.