The cleanser for oily skin?

Hey oily skin girls! here's a beneficial article for you.
the cleanser

Are you looking here for the cleansers suitable for oily skin or how to use cleansers for oily skin? Don’t worry you are at the correct website. Cleansers are very important for your skin. Daily cleansing can remove dust particles, unwanted skin cells and pollution. If you are not cleansing your face with the cleanser daily, your skin will be getting dull and it may cause ageing, dehydration and breakouts.
All oily skin girls are always conscious about their skin. And for me it’s right to care for your skin. Spend on your skin because it will be representing her for a very long time. Here are the tips for how to use the cleanser for oily skin

Tips while choosing the cleansers for oily skin-

Oily skin girls should always choose lathered up or gel based cleansers. These cleansers should also come with moisturizing benefits. These cleansers will help out to remove excess oil and will clean the pores from your skin.

How to use the cleanser?

Step 1
Firstly make your face and neck completely wet. Take a bit amount of the cleanser, cream it up in your hands and apply on your face. Massage in circular motion and for less pressure use the small finger. Massage the cleanser for at least 20 to 30 seconds. In these few seconds, make sure that your face is being cleaned.

Step 2
Now wash your face with warm water. Remember one thing, wash your hands properly before washing face because every work you do is from your hands. After wipe your face with towel and please don’t rub at all because rubbing at all can cause rashes and irritation.

the cleanser
the cleanser

Do you know why warm water is good? Hot water is not good for your skin as it can dry the skin and cause redness and itching. Hot water can reduce your glowing healthy skin as it will be reducing your moisture, fats and natural oils.

Cold water can be harsh for your skin and it also don’t take out all the dust particles at all. Warm water is very best for washing your face as it will take out all the pollution and dust particles. It will provide you natural skin and hydrates oil.

Step 3
Have you ever heard about CTM? The full form of CTM routine is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. As we are done with cleansing, let’s go on the process of toning.

Toners are very beneficial for managing your ph level of skin. Toners help your skin to get oil free and smooth. This step is very important for oily skin girls.
Take the toner which suits you and apply it with the help of cotton pad.
Use it as gentle wipes under your eyes.
Continue it on your face and neck. Remember, after applying on your neck don’t put it on your face again.

the cleanser
tonner for skin

Step 4
Before moisturizing, serum and eye cream is also very important. Firstly use eye cream. Eye creams are beneficial for getting rid with puffiness under eyes. It brightens and nourishes the skin.
Apply a very small dotted amount of eye cream under your eyes and also at the corner.

eye cream
eye cream

Step 5
Now let’s start with serum.
Serums contain vitamin C, K and E. vitamin c is very beneficial for reducing wrinkles. The small molecules of serum helps to pierce through the pores. The other ingredients are also important for improving skin layers.

The use of serums can cure wrinkles, pores, and acne and fine lines. Antioxidants present in serums helps in cell growth. Helps in anti-aging and for glowing face.
Apply two pumps of serum on your face and massage on your clean skin.


Step 6
Moisturizer is very important to replenish your skin back.
The common mistake everyone does is that they take the moisturizer in their palm, rub it and then they apply. Remember that you should always treat your skin gently.

If you use your moisturizer at day time, it should be lighter and if for night it should be heavier.
Take the moisturizer in your fingers and now dab it.
Apply on your face as dotted dot. Gently spread this on your face.

the cleanser


The whole article can help you to come out with the questions that how to use the cleanser? The article is dedicated to oily skin girls.