how fast does hair grow? 11 simple ways for hair growth

Grow your hair fast with this article!!!
how fast does hair grow

We all look at others photos and imagine ourselves in long hairs but it feels unrealistic. Beautiful, strong, long and shiny hairs attract everyone. For this we should care for our hairs because hairs are the richest ornament of every woman. Taking complete care of our hairs is also good for hygiene but the question which arrives is how to grow hair faster?

For some women’s long hairs make them feel like princess. To grow long hairs is not an easy task. Women’s do many practices for long hairs. I too want long hairs but when I tried this, I faced so many difficulties. Like hair fall, hair damage and split ends. Women’s also apply many home remedies, lots of oils and shampoos. So for making your work easy, here I brought a post on how fast does hair grow? Presenting you some simple ways-


1. Combing

When we start combing our hairs, it starts fall down. Combing is also an important part of growing long and healthy hair.

  • Start combing your hairs from tips and then move upside.
  • You should always use coarse- toothed combs. Don’t use massaging combs as they results in pulling out hairs.
  • Whenever you use towel for hairs don’t rub them from it. Just hold the towel from both the sides and move it from up to down. Now take all the hairs and tie them with towel on your heads.
  • After washing your hairs doesn’t comb them, it will be harmful. Wait till the hairs are dry.
  • Don’t do sharp moments while combing otherwise it can damage your hairs.
  • Use essential oils for faster hair growth. You can also pour 2 to 3 drops of oil on your comb.
  • Move your head down and comb your hairs as it improves blood pressure.
  • These all combing tips are helpful for growing your hair faster.
hair growth
split ends

2. Trimming split ends

Trimming split ends is very important as it can damage your single hair. Once your hair start split, it will be continue split and can reach the root. Split ends can make your hairs thin, damaged and frizzy.

So that’s why split ends should be trimmed. If you want long hairs then it’s important to cut them. This is also an important way of how fast does hair grow?

You should trim your split ends after every 5 to 8 weeks.

proteins for hair growth

3. Plenty of protein on how to grow hair faster

Proteins are very essential for humans. Protein provides lot of energy and carbohydrate too. Eating protein is also good for hairs. Do you know hair follicles are mostly made of protein? Yes’ it’s true that’s why eating plenty of protein is necessary.

The best sources of protein you can contain in your diet are eggs, fish, dairy products, green leafy vegetables and beans. Skin care is also important with hair care. To do it in a simple way is to add few foods in our diet. Here’s an article on foods healthy for skin. (This article will surely help you for your skin care)

4. Beneficial Oils for hairs

how to grow hair faster
essential oils for hair growth

Oils are an important part of your daily life and your hairs. Women’s use different types of oils for hair but at last they become tired. You should always massage on your scalp well. Oils are the most important part of how fast does hair grow? So here’s a guide for best oils for hair.

Onion oil– Onion oil provides you strong hair growth and thick hair. The regular use of onion oil on less hair can result in hair regrowth. Onion oil also prevents dandruff. It also improves blood circulation and is beneficial for scalp.

Coconut oil– Coconut provides healthy and soft hairs. It can reduce dry, damaged and dull hair. It can be apply on all hair types. Lavender oil– it’s very beneficial for hair growth. It provides strong, thicker and full hairs. It can reduce hair loss. These are the oils which are beneficial for how fast does hair grow, so what’s your choice?

5. Avoid hot and heat

heating tools
heat styling tools

The simplest step is to avoid hot water for your hair. A cold rinse for your hairs helps to provide moisture and reduce breakage of hairs. Cover your hairs from heat whenever you go outside.

Stop stop!!! Are you thinking of using straighteners, curlers or other heat styling products? Using heat styling products can damage your hairs. Your hairs will become frizzy and it will stop its growth. Your hair will start breaking too.

6. Shampoo


Is my shampoo safe? How many times I should wash my hairs with shampoo? What ingredients should my shampoo contain? The main work of shampoo is to remove dirt and oil from the scalp.

Some of the shampoos contain ingredients which control dandruff, hair fall and other hair conditions. Are you the person who uses shampoo regularly? Experts recommend, you should wash your hairs after 2 to 3 days means 3 or 2 times a weak. If you will overuse the shampoo, it will damage your hair. It will slow down the hair growth process.

7. Conditioning

beautiful girl with silky hairs

Apply the conditioner whenever you wash your hairs. As the heat, straightening, coloring and pollution can damage your hairs which can slow your hair growth. Conditioning can replenish your hairs too.

8. Silk pillow covers

The natural silk protein protects are hairs from split ends and wrinkles. Dermatologists advise to use silk pillow case for hair and facial. These pillow cases can hydrate your hairs and skin. It makes your hair smooth and frizz free. Reduce hair breakage every morning.

hair growth
silk pillow cover

9. Home remedies for how to grow hair faster

Home remedies are the best option every woman looks for. Let’s share the most effective and simple home remedies for growing your hair faster.

Onion water– As everyone knows that onion is best for hairs. Onion is rich in Sulphur; sulphur improves the collagenous tissue which helps in hair growth. Onions are helpful in formatting keratin.

Take 4 to 5 onions, chop them in medium size. Put them in a pan filled with a little amount of water. Go with medium flame, wait till it comes to boiling. Now strain the water and keep it aside. Use this onion water after shampoo to rinse. You can use twice a week.

Hair mask– the ingredients to make hair mask are 2 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoon of burdock oil, 9 to 10 drops of vitamin a and 10 drops of vitamin e. Heat the mixture and thoroughly mix it. Now you can apply hair mask on hairs for 1 hour. Rinse it after it.

10. Caffeine


It is proved by researches that caffeine is good for hair growth faster. It can reduce hair loos. It moved hair shaft elongation which results in longer and wider hair roots. Don’t drink coffee daily but add caffeine hair products and home remedies. It is good for skin.

11. Change your hairstyle

hair growth

Most of the women’s goes with the same hairstyles for long ago. It’s not right because going with high ponytails, tight ponies or topknot can result in breakage of hairs. This can also stop your hair growth.

Changing your hairstyles will improve your strands which will provide you damage free strong hair. New hairstyle will also provide you a new feeling, new attitude and a new form.

Which comb is better plastic or wooden?

It’s easy to comb your hairs with wooden comb as cause less breakage and hair damage. Also moves smooth on your hair with wider whiskers. Plastic combs cause frizz and static to your hairs. Plastic combs are also made of low quality metals. So that’s why wooden combs are better than plastic.

how to grow hair faster
hair growth

Is heat bad for your hair?

The heat styling tools makes our hairs look stylish and beautiful but over use can cause disadvantages. Heat and heating styling styles can cause hair damage, breakage and split ends. Heat can also make your straight hair inelastic and dry.


Hairs are one of the most important part of your beauty. So the post here is about how fast does hair grow? this article will provide you a perfect hair care for increasing hairs. Read and try!!