Foods healthy for skin

Want healthy skin, read this article!!
foods healthy for skin

Do you know your skin plays a very significant role to protect your body? Yes, it’s true. So we must have to keep our skin healthy because it’s a saying “glowing healthy skin is the best foundation to apply”. So coming to the point, here are the foods healthy for skin.

Everyone knows that food is very essential to survive because food gives nutrients. Nutrients are very necessary for growth, development, digestion, energy for doing effort, maintaining the immune system good and for so many other important things.

List of foods healthy for skin-


Tomato is also a healthy source of vitamin c. It also contains vitamin k, potassium folate and lycopene. The lycopene antioxidant protects us from sun and there are many other contents that hydrate our skin from inside.

It also contains fibers, elements, vitamins. Even it helps in reducing the dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Regular eating of tomato can make you look quiet younger. Potassium and vitamin c also improves your dullness and will provide you a natural glowing face. The cycle of its properties also work as natural bleach.


Eggs contain a good amount of protein and amino acid which helps in collagen production. Protein can also help in firming skin and repairing tissues.

Also contains b12 and other properties which are beneficial for keeping our hair and skin healthy. Eggs provide us soft skin and also help to hydrate it. Also nourish our body and provide moisturize skin. Egg is also the most important foods healthy for skin.

foods healthy for skin
eggs healthy for skin

Fatty fish

The examples of fatty fish are salmon, mackerel contains omega three fatty acids and protein in rich amount which is very beneficial for skin.

It is very good for the acne prone skin. The omega 3 property in it can moisturize your skin and will make your skin strong to fight harmful UV rays.

Fatty fish contains vitamin e which is necessary for your skin. This vitamin e will protect your skin from inflammation.

Citrus fruits

citrus fruits healthy for skin

The examples of citrus fruits are lemon, oranges, lime, grape fruits etc. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property of citrus fruits can protect you from aging.

The richness of vitamin c in citrus fruits can fight against free radical actions. Vitamin c also helps to prevent the dust particles from inside the skin.

One orange can fulfil the requirement of vitamin c for one day. Oranges can clear the wrinkles and fine lines from your skin.

Lemon is also rich in vitamin c. The scrubs, masks and some home remedies which contain lemon can also provide glowing and healthy skin. Here’s my article for face mask from glowing skin which also contains lemon.


Avocados contain omega 3 and potassium which can cure blood pressure spines. You can have this fruit in salads.

Avocado contains vitamin a and other antioxidants which can provide glowing skin and nourishment. It also contains fatty acids which can make your skin soft. The regular intake of it can make you look quiet younger.

Avocados have lauric acid which contains antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory properties, which will help us to manage acne. The minerals present in it can also take away dead skin cells.

Green leafy vegetables

Cabbage, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, collard greens are few examples of green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables contain many fibers, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin k, folates, iron, and calcium. Green leafy vegetables also contain vitamin e which protects the skin from free radical damage and aging. These vegetables also help to protect new cells.

Green leafy vegetable
green leafy vegetables

You can prevent acne and pimples easily because these vegetables help to slow down the sebum production. It also improves your overall health and brings glow on your skin. Everyone should contain green leafy vegetables in the list of foods healthy for skin.


Carrot is said to be the perfect health food for skin. Carrot is an anti-aging food which contains vitamin a, vitamin k, potassium, minerals, fibers, biotin and vitamin b6.

As we know that vitamin a plays very important role for our skin. Carrot is very beneficial for our eyes and healthy skin. Not only from carrots but we all can get healthy skin by eating seasonal fruits.


Blue berries, raspberries and cherries these all are very important for our skin. Berries contain many antioxidants which provide us glowing and younger skin.

These berries also help to keep your skin tight. Berries also help to reduce wrinkles because the antioxidants control free radical actions.

Blue berries also improve blood sugar level and you can also add them in your weight loss diet.

foods healthy for skin
berries for healthy skin

Dry fruits

Examples of dry fruits are almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts and raisins. All dry fruits contain nourishing fats which helps our skin to be soft and smooth. These can also reduce skin inflammation and protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Do you know walnuts contain non- saturated fats, poly saturated fats, iron, calcium, vitamin e and other beneficial nutrients? Walnuts also have antioxidants which protects your skin from aging. It also prevents dry skin.

dry fruits
dry fruits for healthy skin

Almonds help to remove dead skin cells. Also protects the skin from damage cause by harmful sun rays.
Cashew nuts hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation. It also helps to heal immune functions. Also helps in cell growth.

Pistachios are the best if you want to control your weight. It also contains antioxidants which help to decrease the growth of bad skin.

Is stress harmful for skin?

I am so stressed. Don’t want to live just want to die. I don’t know why but always want to cry. These all things are roaming in a stressed person mind. Everyone knows that stress is very harmful for our health. We can even die. But is it harmful for our skin? Yes it’s 99% harmful for our skin.

stressed girl
a stressed girl

When we are so much stressed, our body starts producing more hormone cortisol. Starting by this process when it ends it leads to acne and also clogs pores. It is truth that stress cause to acne but only few of the researches have proved it.

Stress also gives us fine lines and reduces the elasticity. If the elasticity reduces daily then it leads to form bags beneath the eyes. The decrease of elasticity can also form wrinkles.

Stress is very powerful and it can decline your immunity system. And if your immune system is weak bacteria’s can easily enter in your skin and can cause rashes and redness.

We have seen many people suffering from stress reduce hair. It happens because stress can disturb your hair’s growing cycle and this can turn out as telogen effluvium. The meaning of telogen effluvium is falling of hair in large amount.

So please don’t stress because stress can destroy your carrier, dreams and life.

How to come out with stress?

  • Don’t ever try drugs and alcohol when you are stressed because it can cause many serious problems.
  • Talk to those who can give you positive thoughts, whom you love or trust a lot like you family and friends. Also consult mental health specialised and tell him your situation and for what things you are stressed.
  • Take out some time from your busy schedule and do the things which makes your relax and happy. You can do your hobbies to make you feel happy and yoga for relaxing.
  • Go with a healthy diet. It will help you to feel fresh and energetic.
  • Sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. Usually when we are stressed we don’t feel sleepy but if our diet will be balanced, we will have a good sleep.
  • Prepare some exercise because it can help to lower the stress hormones.
  • Do the activities which divert you from stress.
  • Also eat all the foods healthy for your skin.
happy girl
love yourself


The whole article is about foods healthy for skin. Here are the foods which can help you to het healthy skin. Also the information of stress is provided. May this article helps you to find out how to get healthy and glowing skin.