Cute hairstyles for girls

The best cute hairstyle for pretty girls, to make your weddings, meeting and events perfect.

We girls love making matchless hairstyles every day which should be easy, quick, cute and trendy. So whether you are a student or business woman we have the perfect hairstyle for everyone. You know sometimes we girls waste more than half hour in making hairstyles, which can make us late in an imperative meeting, school, college and date. Here’s the solution for your problem, the glamorous, easy and 15 cute hairstyles for girls.

What are hairstyles for you? I am really passionate to know this. For me hairstyle is a beautiful feeling which defines a woman standing in front of your mirror. New hairstyle makes a woman feel more confident, happier and giddier.

Bun with a Braid around it

It looks the cutest bun for me. I think if you are married, this bun will perfectly suit your daughter. I think this bun is very easy and quick. This bun reminds me my sister’s wedding when I was 10 years old; I wish I would had make this. Sorry I think I should forget it so here’s your cute hairstyle for girls

Step 1- For making this hairstyle more eye-catching, you should apply hair serum.
Step 2- Make a high ponytail.
Step 3- Separate your pony into two strands.
Step 4- Roll the one strand, again roll around the ponytail.
Step 5- Secure it with hair pins.
Step 6- Now simply braid the single strand and roll it around the bun.

Crossover low ponytail

We girls are obsessed of making low ponytails at homes, in offices because it’s too comfortable and easy. As I was fallen in love with this hairstyle I would love to share with you. This crossover low ponytail is simple bun ten also too stylish.

Step 1- Separate your hairs into three parts. Remember to make the mid-section largest.

Step 2- Tie the mid-section from band.

Step 3- Cross the remaining two sections on the top of your pony.

Step 4- Again bring the two sections under the ponytail and protect it with band.

Cute Fishtail Braids

Nowadays Two braids are going viral very speedily. So as I want every woman to be looking trendy, stylish and cutie too, here cute fishtail braids for girls. If you are a two braids lover you can also read my article on it.

Bow Braid

Genuinely this hairstyle seems to be very unique. You should definitely try this, it will give you an attraction and a feeling of ‘my hairstyle is called I tried’.

Half up fishtail braid

This half up fishtail braid is stylish, easy and cute hairstyle for girls. This hairstyle can also suit the short hair girls.

Step1- Your hairs should be properly combed.
Step2- Separates your hairs into two sections.
Step3- Take a small amount of hairs from one side and twist them.
Step4- Now carries on this step from another side as shown in the image.
Step5- Now secures both of them and starts French braiding.
Step6- Spread the fishtail braid to look wider.

Spiral Lace Braid

We women’s and girls are obsessed of making high ponytails because we think ‘A girl, who works out, tightens her ponytail’. So I thought just to make a simple high ponytail a stylish and cute spiral lace braid.

Pretty hairstyle with headband

It’s impossible that hairstyle with headband does not arrive. The headband hairstyle is really giving a cutie look to all the pretty girls. I am damn sure you will make this hairstyle in 5minutes or less than that.

Step 1- Separate your hairs in two parts.
Step 2- Take a headband type small cloth. Place it on the back of your neck.
Step 3- You just have to make two simple braids. I mean, as for braiding we need three strands so start braiding from one side, take two hair strands and one part of cloth given in the image.
Step 4- Repeat this on the other side.
Step 5- Now take one braid on the head as a crown and secure it with bob pins.
Step 6- Now repeat this on another side, you will be seeing the remaining cloth.
Step 7- Take the remaining cloth from both sides and make 3 to 5 knots.
Step 8- Now roll the knots to make a rose as shown in the image.

Braid into bun

Woo! This hairstyle looks quite impressive but difficult. Girls please stop thinking your eyes may betrayal, just listen and read.

Step 1- The first step to make this braid into bun is preparing your hairs. Means your hairs should be combed, cleaned and dry.
Step 2- Divide your hairs into two sections.
Step 3- Start making the double Dutch braids from one side. For Dutch braiding, divide your hairs into three equal parts. Arise from the hairline, start by crossing the right strand to the mid strand. Now cross the left strand under the mid strand.
Step 4- Repeat step3 on the other side. Now join the braids together just like a ponytail.
Step5- Now for making a bun, roll the ponytail and secure it with pins.
If you don’t want to make the bun then then going with the ponytail also gives you an appreciative and cute hairstyles for girls look.

Reverse cute hairstyle braided bun

What! Reversed braided bun. Are you kidding me? No I am not. I was also shocked when my friend (Sophie) made it in the gym. So I got inspired by her for this hairstyle. It’s cute but looks bold enough.

Steps 1 – firstly comb your dry hairs and start simple braiding from the back of your hair.
Step 2- Now stop when it’s half done and tie it with a rubber band.
Step 3- It seems to be a ponytail but to complete the look you have to twist the pony.
Step 4- Place the twisted pony around your rubber band and protect it with pins.

Fishtail cute braid hairstyle for girls

Don’t know why but I feel fishtail braid really gives you a cutie look. That’s why I took fishtail braid in two hairstyles. I just love it. I usually go in college with this hairstyle but you can go anywhere with it because you cannot treat your hairs as others say.

Step 1- Bid hair serum for making it shiny and proper.
Step 2- Separate your hairs into two parts.
Step 3- Grasp a small amount of hairs from one side, also place it on another side.
Step 4- Now from another side take a small amount of hair and place it on on side.
Step 5- Repeat the same route until you need.
Step 6- Tie with a rubber band and use hair spray at the last.

Simple Braid with bun

I consider that you should always treat your hairs like a science lab, full of experiments. Changing your hairstyle will give you a new life daily.
The Braid with bun hairstyle is pretty, easy and cute hairstyle for girls. I don’t think you will be needed to study the steps, the image itself is clear. Visit the link for better experience braid top knot.

Triple braid

This hairstyle will give you a princess look. It will make your hairs stronger and thicker. It’s a cute hairstyle for girls which will make them look the prettiest among all.

Step 1- As seeing the image divide your hairs into three strands.
Step 2- Simply braid three of them and tie a rubber band on each.
Step 3- Now grasp the three braids together and braid them again.
Step 4- Tie a rubber band and your princess hairstyle is ready.

Cute Up do for long hairs

Cute hairstyle for girls is perfect for weddings and for a significant meeting. Just looking at the image will give you seamless impression.

Triple braided cute hairstyles for girls up do

You girls might have heard two braided up do but never three braids. So I just realize to bring something unique for my gorgeous ladies.

Waterfall braid

Out of all the prettiest hairstyle this waterfall braid cute hairstyle for girls is the most unique. It’s a romantic braid and you the name waterfall perfectly suit it. Here’s a tutorial-


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